Breaking through the clutter by Kerri Louise

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Pregnancy after loss

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The worst thing

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Supporting your partner during a subsequent pregnancy by Peter

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Supporting bereaved parents through their first Christmas

For more than 106,000 bereaved parents, this Christmas will be the first they've experienced since the loss of their pregnancy or the death of their beloved baby. Read more

Planning a funeral during COVID-19

Celebrant and end-of-life doula, Janne Sverdloff, talks us through ways to plan meaningful funerals & memorials during COVID-19 restrictions. Read more

Facilitating Sands' first online support group

Pip Hanrahan recently made Sands history by facilitating our first ever live, online support group! We spoke to Pip about what that experience was like, as well as how she is adjusting to life right now amidst COVID-19 restrictions. Read more

5 things you can do to support a grieving mother on Mother's Day

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Fiona & Sara's friendship story

In the lead up to International Day of Friendship on July 30, self-proclaimed 'Sands-Sisters' Sara and Fiona, from Queensland, took the time to talk to us about what makes their friendship special, and how their close bond was nurtured through the most devastating of circumstances. Read more

A little winter comfort

Whether you're a Sands volunteer looking for a yummy dose of self-care, or you're looking to lend to hand to someone doing it tough, our hearty chicken casserole recipe is a great go-to for providing winter comfort. Read more

How I spend Father's Day - Sebastien

In the lead up to Father's Day, Sands dad, Sebastien, shares what the day means to him and how he spends it with his family after the loss of his son, Dominic. Read more