We exist because there is life after pregnancy and infant loss

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Memorial graphics

Sands supports bereaved families to remember their babies. The volunteers at Sands are pleased to offer members of our community the gift of a Christmas graphic personalised with your baby’s name.


Author: Bridget Sutherland

Help Sands support bereaved parents this Christmas

Your gift to Sands this Christmas is one that will keep on giving to bereaved families in the long days, weeks, months and years ahead.


Author: Bridget Sutherland

Target amount: $2,147,483,647.00

Amount raised: $121.40


News from the Stillbirth National Action Plan Roundtable

On 2 December Sands participated in the Minister for Health's stillbirth round table meeting, convened to further develop the National Action Plan to address stillbirth.


Author: Janelle Moran

How Sands helped in 2017–18


bereaved parents supported through our National Services


Healthcare Professionals trained on supporting bereaved parents


active Volunteers across Australia

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