Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we've had to make some important changes to the way bereaved parents can access our support services at this time.

Face-to-face support

Until further notice, our face-to-face support meetings, usually taking place around the country, will be solely operating online. Our support group facilitators are doing everything they can to make these online meetings as safe, understanding and nurturing as our usual face-to-face groups.

An unexpected benefit of this transition is that online meetings will also open up opportunities for parents to attend from areas where there has been no traditional Sands presence.

We welcome you to find a date and time that suits you and register to attend a support group.

Our online support group facilitator, Pip, explains what it's been like to transition from traditional face-to-face groups to an online model on our blog.

Arranging a funeral

For families who tragically experience the death of a baby over the coming weeks and months, social distancing restrictions will likely impact the way they can organise a funeral or memorial service for their baby. We've produced a fact sheet on arranging a funeral during COVID-19 to guide families at this incredibly stressful time, including other meaningful ways to honour your baby's life in the face of these restrictions.

Find out more about how Sands is responding to the unique challenges of COVID-19.