Sands Pins

The Sands logo represents the notion of grief being a cycle, recognising that you will always move through it at various stages in life. Regardless of where you are in your journey, Sands is always here for you around the clock.

The Pin exists to remember and honour the babies that are no longer with us; wear the pin and walk the steps our babies couldn't.

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Sands Wrist Bands

High-quality wristbands, debossed with 'a little life, not a little loss'

Worn by bereaved parents, their family, and friends to remember a little life that was meaningful to them. 

Each order includes two wristbands.

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Our Babies have Died - Story collection

Sands have collated a collection of parent stories to benefit bereaved parents. It is our experience that parents of babies who have died wish to talk about their experiences as well as read about people who have experienced similar things.

These stories are at times heartbreaking, brave and sensitive while showing an insight into the strength of the human condition.

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