If you're grieving the loss of a baby, Mother’s Day can be a painful date on the calendar. During this time of COVID-19, it's likely many bereaved mothers may also be separated from their wider circle of family, friends and support networks on Mother's Day this year. 

For some bereaved families this may prove a welcome break from traditions and the expectation to be feeling ‘celebratory’ when they feel anything but. However, Sands CEO Jackie Mead said that for others, being unable to spend the day with loved ones will feel very tough. 

“On top of additional work, financial or personal challenges, we’re expecting that many bereaved mothers may feel an acute resurgence of their grief right now,” Ms Mead explained. 

“A bereaved mother’s experience of motherhood is already inconceivably different to someone whose journey has taken the typical path.” 

“Because hers is largely an ‘invisible’ loss, her motherhood is not always recognised by others. More than ever it’s important this year that family and friends check in with the bereaved mums they know to offer their love and support.” 

Ms Mead said a simple acknowledgement from others – ‘you are still a mother’ – can make a huge difference to a bereaved mother’s experience of Mother’s Day. 

For those experiencing painful and overwhelming feelings, we have some helpful tips on how to get through this challenging day, including allowing some quiet space for your thoughts and paying attention to your physical and emotional needs.

Sands group facilitator, Pip, also shares with us her story of how she'll recognise Mother's Day differently this year.