As the days go on right now, the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and organisations is continuing to grow. This is an unprecedentedly challenging time for Australia's not-for-profits, including Sands and Red Nose. It has been estimated that up to fifty percent of charities will not get through this period of economic turmoil - a confronting statistic when you consider the substantial range of community services that would cease as a result of this situation.

With this in mind both Sands and Red Nose have been working hard to develop contingency plans that ensure we keep delivering our much-needed services and that we support our community, including our incredible volunteers, whilst doing our part to keep everyone safe.
This work has taken our focus off the plans to join our two organisations together on March 31st and we are therefore delaying this merger whilst we focus on addressing the pressing operational issues in front of us. 

We expect to proceed with the planned arrangements as soon as we are past the peak of this pandemic and we will continue to work closely together in the meantime. Keep an eye out for co-branding of several new and exciting resources as we look to provide bereavement support in a digital world.
Sands CEO, Jackie Mead, has recorded a message for those wanting to know more about this announcement: