Red Nose (and SANDS) Australia co-CEO Keren Ludski said it was time more public and private sector employers got on board and supported their staff through miscarriage and stillbirth.

“When a family suffers a stillbirth or miscarriage, they are not just mourning the loss of a pregnancy.

“With the loss, they are mourning first smiles, birthdays, graduations and weddings. For some families, the loss can feel insurmountable.

There are also often costs associated with health care, funerals or support. Many of our families report that they had to go back to work before they were ready as they could not afford to take time off.

“Going straight back to work or using up other leave entitlements can cause extra heartache and financial strain.

As an organisation that helps to support families through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death and child death, we know how important giving families the space to grieve can be for long term mental health outcomes.

“We look forward to having more employers offer this essential entitlement.

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