Sands staff and volunteers in Brisbane were pleased to host a recent meeting at Sands House with the Queensland Assistant Minister for Health, Ms Nikki Boyd. 

The Assistant Minister showed great interest in the work that Sands does, our evolution as an organisation, the new Hospital to Home program, the ways we have reshaped our operations during COVID-19, and our partnership and merge plans with Red Nose Australia.   

She was particularly interested to hear from the volunteers present about their long term and changing relationship and roles with Sands from their early, most difficult, days of bereavement to the meaning they get from volunteering to support other bereaved parents. 

The Assistant Minister was very generous with her time and feedback. She noted how much Sands is doing and how forward-looking and adaptable the organisation has shown itself to be.   

We were delighted that the Assistant Minister agreed to pose with our Walk to Remember banner, sending her best wishes to families across Queensland who are planning to engage with the Walk either virtually or in their local community. 

Pictured from left to right are: Sands National Manager of Care Services Janelle Marshall, volunteer and community member Janelle Tsockallos, National Manager of Community Engagement Kate Cowmeadow, community member, volunteer and new Bereavement Outreach Worker Sara Grant, State Manager – Queensland Ashleigh Rousseaux, and the Assistant Minister, Ms Nikki Boyd.