One of our long-term group members, Dorothy recently marked the 55th anniversary of the premature birth of her twins. This was a beautiful occasion with family present. Dorothy shared her story with us. 

Saturday the 5th of February 2022 was the 55th anniversary of the premature birth of my twins.  I wanted to do something special to mark this day and create a memory for my grandchildren; I wanted to release white doves.

I mentioned it to my daughter, so she got on the internet and found White Angel Doves.  She rang them and got the information, and made the booking.  It sounded perfect!  My family came over on the day, and we individually released 10 doves from my backyard.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon.  The doves looked lovely flying overhead, waiting for them all to be released before they flew home together.

Releasing white doves symbolises peace, love and hope.  I found it to be very therapeutic.

I have been a member of the SANDS Older Loss Group since the beginning, on 23rd July 1996 – a founding member!  The ladies in the group support each other in their grief, and we've also welcomed many new members over the years.

 Thank you to Dorothy for sharing this beautiful remembrance of her much-loved twins.