Red Nose, including Sands, Older Loss group provides support and assistance to those searching for the resting place of their babies.

In the late 1990’s an Older Loss group was established by Sands Victoria to bring together the parents of babies who died prior to the early 1980’s, when hospitals took stillborn babies, and those who died as a newborn, away and buried unknown locations.  Parents were not able to see or hold their babies.  They were sent home with no access to support and told to move on. 

Every year Red Nose receives enquiries from families who are searching for the resting place of their baby.  In many cases this is in an unmarked grave at a cemetery where the baby has been buried with other babies who died at a similar time. 

Today the Older Loss group, a group of volunteers who have all experienced having their baby removed from them without being able to hold them, are working to help other families find closure.  They work with families to help locate where their babies were buried.  They also offer advice and support to families.    

Many families go on to lay a plaque or hold a memorial in recognition of the baby that was taken away from them without a proper goodbye.

If you, or someone you know, experienced a loss where the baby was taken to an unmarked location and you would like some help in your search, or if you would like to receive some peer support from someone who has been through the same thing, please contact Alicia Rennie at [email protected] or on 03 9034 1263.