Speaking their child’s name is an immeasurable gift: a reminder that others too, remember and hold their child in their thoughts” – Ashleigh.

One of the most common things bereaved parents tell Sands is how much the opportunity to say their baby’s name, and to hear it from others, means to them.  March 25th is ‘Say Their Name Day’ to honour all babies who are not with us.

We invite you to name those babies @sands.australia and we will #saytheirname with you.

On this March 25 in celebration of Say Their Name Day's 1st birthday, we ask you to join in and host a gathering in honour of your baby. March 25th is a day for everyone – parents, families and friends – to speak the names of the many babies who were loved and lost. 

When you register for an event or online fundraiser we will add a forget-me-not flower memorial in your special babies name to our online flower memorial wall. If you host a fundraiser we will send you some Say Their Name seeds to plant at home in remembrance of your special baby.