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Sands offers support to all bereaved parents and relatives who have suffered the death of a baby anytime from conception through to 28 days after birth - this includes, miscarriage, newborn death, stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy and genetic/medically advised termination.

Our support to bereaved parents does not cut off at 28 days after birth, bereaved parents whose baby dies later in infancy are also welcome to Sands.

Sands brings bereaved parents together in a number of ways, through a Newsletter, Support meetings, and over the telephone. Parents who are 'down the track' in their grief, and who have done some training, support those who are just starting to grieve.

Sands  aims to assist parents in their grief and to help them understand the emotions that they are experiencing are normal.

Sands  are able to offer assistance and guidance with regards to burial traces. Some parents, unable to find a gravesite, may be able to locate a record of their baby's stillbirth/death through the Births, Deaths and Marriages registrar.

Bereaved parents whose baby died between 1966 and 1996 are entitled to a Perinatal Death Certificate. Parents whose baby died since 1996 are now entitled to a Birth certificate. These are available from the Births, Deaths and Marriages registrar, Adelaide, South Australia.

Sands volunteers are available to speak to health professionals, welfare workers and other interested members of the community about the needs of bereaved parents.


Sands South Australia was formed in November 1981 by 3 couples all who had suffered the death of babies through stillbirth and miscarriage. Each of these couples had received very little or no support during and after the death of their babies. Following the death of their baby daughter in June 1981, Bronnie Boulton became the driving force to seek a better deal for other bereaved parents.

In September 1981 Bronnie and the late David Boulton, Harold and Ann Jones, Les and Kris Dalwood met together to begin planning ways to commence a support group to assist other bereaved parents cope with the death of their babies. A steering committee was formed with other interested bereaved parents that had been contacted by the 3 couples.

In October 1981 at the 2nd National Conference of NALAG [the National Association for Loss And Grief] held in Adelaide, Bronnie Boulton on behalf of the group presented the plans of Sands South Australia to the assembled professional delegates. Many of these folk showed interest and several volunteered their help.

A public meeting was arranged and held in December 1981 which was attended by both bereaved parents and professionals. It was from these folk that Sands South Australia was born.

Life Memberships:
In 2000 Sands South Australia presented Life Memberships to:
Leslie Preece
Wendy Bushby
Liz Lawn
Pauline Allman

In 2002 Life Membership was presented to:
Gary Anderson

In 2004 Life Membership was presented to:
Allison Bowman
Judy Soltes

Life Membersips have also been presented to:
Andrea Wilson, Rosi Reschke, Ali Chapman, Teresa Bruno-Niedzwiedz and Katrina Chenoweth

Our Role

The objectives of Sands are to:

  • Provide mutual support and understanding to bereaved persons and relatives who have suffered a loss
  • To assist bereaved persons and relatives who are suffering, distressed and disorientated due to the loss of a baby through miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, genetic/medically advised termination, stillbirth or neonatal death
  • To promote education of professionals, medical and paramedical persons and the community at large about the plight and support needs of bereaved parents and relatives suffering loss
  • To undertake such other activities as may be incidental to the above objectives.
  • This has been achieved by establishing a statewide network of parents who are willing to provide support to others also bereaved. Volunteers are running Sands parent support groups and coffee mornings in South Australia.

Funding and Management
Sands is a registered charity. Volunteer effort is the mainstay of our organisation. Funds are raised through membership fees, tax-deductible donations and fund-raising events.

Other aspects of Sands South Australia include:

  • Lobbying State Government to make changes to the Register of Births, Deaths & Marriages which has enabled parents of stillborn babies to receive birth certificates.
  • Presentation to members of the media that has created a 'Birthday Memoriam' section in the 'Advertiser'.
  • Conveners of the 6th National Biennial Conference 'Living, Loving & Remembering' which was held at St Peters College, Adelaide October 1996.

In 1991 Sands South Australia were invited to take part in the making of the video 'No Words We Can Say'. The video has been useful in the training of professionals.