Breaking the silence surrounding miscarriage

Our CEO, Andre Carvalho, spoke with Daily Telegraph journalist Alison Stephenson this week about the silence that still surrounds the experience of miscarriage.

His comments were made in response to the news that Australian actress Claire Holt had gone public about her own experience of miscarriage to her almost 4 million Instagram followers.

Andre spoke about the power of shared stories in the public domain to raise awareness of miscarriage and to help others feel less alone.

He explained how Holt’s bravery in speaking out about the “taboo subject” would help others.

“Just by Claire’s action we have already seen thousands of people who’ve felt they like too can share their story,” he said.

“That in itself is a really positive step and I think that’s why it’s important to recognise Claire and (her fiance) Andrew (Joblon) for speaking out.”

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