Not all pregnancies go to plan. Problems in pregnancy that may occur include a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, a molar pregnancy and stillbirth and newborn death. The loss of a pregnancy can be devastating, regardless of how it happens. This section of our site is designed to help guide you through some of the things that must be done and some of the choices you can make, as well as find out what support is available.

About Grief:

Many parents who experience pregnancy or newborn loss find that there is little understanding of their need to grieve. Although attitudes are changing, these deaths are often treated as unfortunate occurrences, best quickly forgotten, rather than the tragedy it often is for many families. The lack of recognition of the baby as a real person, whose death it is legitimate to mourn, may isolate parents who are bewildered by the intensity of their grief. Such isolation may prolong their grieving.

Grief and its impacts 

Information Brochures:

Sands has created a collection of brochures and pamphlets created to address all aspects of loss and grief surrounding the death of a baby.

Parent Stories:

View the stories of parents courageously speaking about their experiences, how they grieved and where they sought support. 

Sands Blog:

The Sands Australia blog publishes regular contributions from bereaved parents about their experience of pregnancy of infant loss.

How to contribute 
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Financial Support Through Centrelink:

Financial support is available to help parents whose baby has died via the Stillborn Baby Payment. Similar arrangements are available for parents whose baby died after birth. There are specific eligibility criteria and we encourage parents to contact Centrelink to determine the most appropriate payment.