Our Strategic Plan

In a bid to ensure that no bereaved parent in Australia is left alone and isolated, Sands Australia has launched our inaugural Strategic Plan: Providing Hope and Understanding to Bereaved Parents Across Australia, 2015 – 2020.

The plan, which is a blue print for the next five years, focuses on developing and expanding Sands’ services, ensuring that support and information is accessible to all bereaved parents in Australia, regardless of their location or cultural background.

There are six strategic priorities:

  1. We will deliver high quality and consistent support services that provide bereaved parents and their families a safe and confidential space to talk about their grief.
  2. We will provide accessible information services that guide bereaved parents and their families through the devastating experience of baby death.
  3. We will improve how bereaved parents and their families are supported and cared for by providing quality support, information and education to healthcare and funeral services professionals.
  4. We will Influence and inform public opinion and raise awareness of the issues and feelings surrounding the death of a baby so that bereaved parents feel better placed to talk about their experiences.
  5. We will establish, diversify and grow our income streams to support the delivery of our mission and vision.
  6. We will build a truly national organisation with appropriate infrastructure which allows us to establish a presence in all states and territories and reach out to all bereaved parents across Australia.

Click here for a copy of our Strategic Plan.