Sands has parent supporters located in NSW, although there are no active groups at this time.

Services for NSW are jointly managed by Sands Queensland and Sands Victoria.


History of Sands NSW

In August 1984 a public meeting for parents whose children had died was conducted by the Compassionate Friends organisation on Wollongong. This group continued to meet with new members constantly attending. In 1985 they held a public meeting with Sydney neonatologist Dr Peter Barr as guest speaker. Seventy three people attended – they had anticipated 20.

The St Leonards and French’s Forest Sands group was formed in 1985 further Sands groups were started in proceeding years in Camperdown and Gosford.

In 1986 a group of women decided to formalise through incorporation Sands NSW – this happened in 1988 when Sands NSW was incorporated as an association and became a registered charity.

It is believed that Sands NSW merged with SIDS and Kids in that state in 2001.