Say Their Name Day

Say their name on March 25th
and raise awareness of pregnancy and infant loss

We lost our first baby boy, Hunter Jude, at 33 weeks on 8th of August 2018. It is difficult to put into words just how hard this has been and how it has completely changed our lives and ourselves. Stillbirth was never discussed as something that could happen and we were completely shocked when it happened to us.
For many it can be difficult becoming pregnant, staying pregnant or delivering a healthy baby. Losing a child, no matter what age or stage of pregnancy, is one of the most difficult things anyone can ever face.
We need to be open to having more honest conversations about pregnancy and loss, no matter how difficult it may be.
For this reason we invite you to Say Their Name and hope that you can donate to Sands who have supported us through the most difficult time in our lives and who continue to offer their support to people at all stages of grief.

Kyra Petito