One of our core aims is to improve the quality of care and support offered in the event of a baby dying. We work in partnership with health professionals and others to ensure the families of those babies who do die receive the best possible care.

The death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth, or after birth is a major bereavement. The care that parents receive around this time has a huge impact on their long-term wellbeing. Good care cannot remove the pain and devastation that bereaved parents experience, but poor or insensitive care makes things worse, both immediately and in the months and years that follow.

To enable healthcare professionals working in this area we provide information sessions in your local hospital/ setting, online training for midwives and other professionals and free information brochures for you to pass on to bereaved parents.

E-Learning Course - Caring for Bereaved Parents 

"Caring for bereaved parents" is an eLearning package designed for health professionals to learn more about best practice principles in caring for bereaved parents. As an online material with engaging videos and interactivities, this eLearning package is accessible anytime that is suitable for professionals, from work or from home.

"This is a must for all trained and student midwives... Feel more confident in supporting and communicating with parents" NSW Midwife

This is an Australian College of Midwives endorsed CPD activity. Midwives who complete this activity are allocated 1 MidPLUS Point.

Follow this link to access Sands' eLearning package.

Resources for Parents

Sands has a range of brochures and booklets available to support parents, relatives, family and professionals, you can view these online here or you can request Sands brochures and booklets to be sent to you in bulk.

These resources are available at no charge but if you wish, you can make a donation

In-house Information Sessions

Sands can provide free one hour long information sessions in your hospital, clinic, university or Funeral Home. An information session with Sands provides a useful overview on what bereaved parents may be experiencing, what care and support they may need and how you can refer parents to Sands for ongoing support and information.

This is an Australian College of Midwives endorsed CPD activity. Midwives who complete this activity are allocated 1 MidPLUS Point.

Please complete this form to book a session in your hospital or for more information.

Caring for Bereaved Parents - A personal insight

Hear Lyndy talk about how medical professionals can care for bereaved parents.

Our support line on 1300 0 Sands (1300 072 637) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are able to provide professionals with support.