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Sands has launched a new e-newsletter, Expressions, to focus on creative expression and memorials for babies in the Sands community. This newsletter will sit alongside our organisational e-news and volunteer news, and be distributed in alternating months to the organisational e-news.  

Loss and creativity are two essential parts of the human experience, and when we experience loss personally, creativity can a way to explore our thoughts and feelings. While you may not feel creatively inclined, it can be an opportunity to express your feelings in a different way. This may be particularly beneficial for those of us that find it difficult to articulate our loss verbally.


In each edition we include a Parent Story, emphasising living with grief and loss. This could encompass what you did especially in the raw early days of your experience and how this changed as you acquired new skills in dealing with this tragedy. You may wish to incorporate ideas other bereaved parents can consider, what worked and what didn’t work for you, what/who did you find was your greatest support and/or what would you offer to a newly bereaved parent. The article would be a maximum length of 800 words and can include images.

Other submissions we will welcome include:

  • Photographic Images.
  • Images of Children’s & Adult Artwork (Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Sculptures and Craftwork).
  • Photographs of Planted, Garden or Traditional Memorials.
  • Poetry, Lyrics, Book Reviews or Inspirational Phrases.


A major part of Expressions will be image-based memorials. The following selection of images will be available and you simply send us the text you would like to have overlayed.

THEMES (Male & Female versions) – Butterfly, Floral, Star, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Toy, Candle light.

The overview below provides an indication of the number of words required for a particular page size. This is based on the Arial font, 12point in size, single spaced):

  • 1 page = 450 words (1/2 of the space will be used for Name, Birthdate and Header)
  • ½ page = 225 words (1/2 of the space will be used for Name, Birthdate and Header)
  • ¼ page = 112 words (1/2 of the space will be used for Name, Birthdate and Header)

The first edition commencing on 5th of July, then bi-monthly thereafter.  Email all submissions to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.