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About Sands

Download Brochure: About Sands

A quick introduction to Sands including who we are and what we do.

Early Pregnancy Loss

Download Brochure: Early Pregnancy Loss

This booklet is designed to help parents who have experienced a pregnancy loss before 20 weeks, including miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy.

Creating Memories

Download Brochure: Creating Memories

This booklet is designed to guide parents through the range of options available to create long lasting memories of your baby.

Life, Loss, Hope: Surviving the death of your baby

Download Brochure: Life, Loss, Hope

Life, Loss, Hope: Surviving the death of your baby has been written to support parents who are grieving the death of their baby.  It has been written by those who have also had their baby die.  This brochure aims to give some practical advice to consider when faced with difficult decisions.  While nothing will completely ease your pain and sorrow, we sincerely hope that you will find some comfort in these words, making your pain and confusion easier to bear.

For Fathers

Download Brochure: For Fathers

Written by men for men, this brochure discusses men’s responses to grief, and how they can best cope while also supporting their partner and other children. It offers suggestions on how fathers can look after themselves, and contains information on support meetings and other services for grieving fathers.

Caring for your other children 

Download Brochure: Caring for other children

Children require clear explanations that are appropriate to their age – particularly with a subject as sensitive as the death of their sibling. This would also be appropriate for extended family members and friends to read.

For Grandparents

Download Brochure: For Grandparents

When grandparents lose a grandchild, they cry twice: once for their own loss and once for the loss suffered by their own child. This brochure offers suggestions for grandparents as they cope with their own grief and as they support their child.

For Family and Friends

Download Brochure: For Family and Friends

This brochure is designed to help family and friends of bereaved parents understand what the grieving mother and father are going through, and how best to understand them. It offers many helpful “Do’s and Don’ts” to help people provide the best support to bereaved parents.

Difficult Decisions

Download Brochure: Difficult Decisions

Containing information to assist parents in their decision-making, this brochure does not set out to influence any decision parents need to make regarding their baby or themselves. It discusses coming to a decision, the reactions of others, continuing or interrupting the pregnancy, and funerals and grief should the decision be made to interrupt the pregnancy.


Download Brochure: Moments

A guide to capturing memories of your precious baby.

Special Memories of Babies Who Died Some Years Ago

Download Brochure: It's Never Too Late

It has only been in recent years that parents have been openly encouraged to mourn the death of their baby. This brochure assists parents whose baby died prior to this time. The brochure contains suggestions for memory creation.

Subsequent Pregnancy

Download Brochure: Planning Another Pregnancy

Many parents have found that a new pregnancy and a new baby will often bring a renewal of grief that exists along with the joy of the new life. This brochure offers suggestions for parents to help get through the next very long nine months.

When a baby has died (different languages)

Download Brochure: When a baby has died

A guide for parents on what support is available following the death of your baby - in plain english and nine other languages (Arabc, Burmese, Chinese, Dari, Dinka, Farsi, Indonesian, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese).

For Healthcare Professionals

Download Brochure: Caring for bereaved parents

"Caring for bereaved parents" is an excellent guide designed for health professionals to learn more about best practice principles in caring for bereaved parents.