As Sands prepares to join forces with Red Nose later this year, I have been exploring exactly what Red Nose Day is all about and what it means for our community.

Let’s face it: wearing a Red Nose feels a bit silly. In fact, this year the theme has been “getting silly for a serious cause” - and this is a serious cause. We all wish that we could protect other families from experiencing the devastating loss that we have felt.  Red Nose invest in stillbirth prevention research and education.

We all know that having access to support after your baby dies is so important in your grief journey. Red Nose provide free access to professional counsellors across Australia. This model of support is not for everyone, but to many families it is a much-needed service.

I have also been touched by the stories shared by Red Nose families in the lead up to Red Nose Day.  No matter if the loss is associated with SIDS, SUDI, stillbirth or miscarriage, it’s clear that these parents feel invisible to society and feel like their babies or children didn’t matter. They are struggling to find a new normal just as so many of us have.

This year the funds raised on Red Nose Day will help address the increasing demand being experienced for bereavement support. This includes support for families following pregnancy and infant loss.

To my family, that’s a good thing and something we can all get behind. 

So, we are making Red Velvet cupcakes topped with little red noses and we have even had a go at making our own big red noses from icing! We live in Melbourne and COVID 19 restrictions have called for inventive measures! We were definitely silly, and it didn’t feel wrong. It felt like we were having a fun family moment in honour of our baby.

We will be at the Red Nose Memorial Service and we will feel the privilege of hearing our daughter’s name said out loud as part of their service. That surely won’t be silly – it will be heart-warming as it always is to hear her name.