Our History


2015 Sands Australia

Inaugural Sands Strategy 2015 - 2020 launched.
New Communications Manager & Office Admnistrator join the team.
Sands moves to new offices in Box Hill.

 2014 Sands Australia/ Sands WA 

Chief Executive Officer appointed
Sands WA recommenced and again became Incorporated

 2013 Sands Australia 

eLearning package for professionals available
Digital Marketing Coordinator appointed
Sands branded family of brochures published 

2012 Sands Australia 

 Communications Manager appointed
Technical Writer, Parent Support Manager and Health Educator appointed

2011  Sands Australia 

Office Manager appointed
New Sands logo is created
Sands rebranded websites came online

2010 Sands Australia

Receives funding from DoHA
1300 0 establishes Sands support line
Mobile phones are supplied to all rostered parent supporters in Vic, SA, Qld

2009 Sands Australia Receives DGR Status
2008 Sands Victoria

25th Birthday party celebrating our volunteers
Release of book “Our Babies Have Died: Stories of Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death”

2003 Sands Victoria

20th Birthday Celebrations
20th Anniversary Memorial edition of “Your Baby Has Died....” published

2001 Sands NSW Merged with SIDS and Kids in NSW
  Sands WA Merged with SIDS and Kids in WA
 2000  Sands Victoria

Incorporation of the SANDS Australia Research Foundation
Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages agrees to issue certificates for stillborn babies prior to 1986

 1999  Sands Australia  Organisation is Incorporated
 1998  Sands Victoria Launch of “Fathers grief...when a baby dies” publication 
1997 Sands Victoria “Making decision...when a baby dies” publication launched 
 1996 Sands Australia Receives a grant from AFDA and appoint a Co-ordinator 
  Sands SA   Hosted the 6th National Biennial Conference, ‘Living, Loving & Remembering’
   Sands NSW

First annual dinner dance was held and the SANDS Pregnancy & Infant Loss Research Foundation was announced
In-house group leader training was developed & conducted

   Sands QLD Hosts a “Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Awareness week” 
1995 Sands Victoria Department of Social Security invited Sands to provide input into the introduction of the Maternity Allowance and Bereavement allowance payments
  Sands NSW The Rural Access Project (RAP) was commenced and funded by the Department of Primary Industries and Energy
1994 Sands Victoria

Established a website
The only agency to be invited to contribute to the Reproductive Loss review at the Royal Women’s Hospital

  Sands NSW

“Miscarriage” and “When a Baby Dies” and the “Appropriate Care” resources for health professionals was launched by Sands Patron Hazel Hawke
19 Support Groups across the state
A Needs Analysis and Planning Project was commenced to provide Sands NSW with a strategic plan for the next 7 years

  Sands QLD 5th Sands National Conference held in Brisbane “Family Needs When A  Baby Dies”
1993 Sands NSW Funding was received from SIDS enabling the employment of a Administrative assistant and conduct special projects
1992 Sands Victoria

Hosted the 4th Sands National Conference at the Royal Women’s Hospital
“After a Miscarriage” Publication launched

  Sands NSW After 4 years of lobbying the NSW Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Ace was amended entitling parents to receive birth certificates for stillborn babies.
   Sands QLD

Funding received from the Department of Health through the Women’s Health Program
First office opened

 1991  Sands SA

“Early Pregnancy Loss” publication launched
Involved in the production of the video “No Words We Can Say” aimed at professional training

   Sands NSW  Funding from the NSW National Women’s Health Program was received for the salary of a part-time co-ordinator and administrative expenses and to publish 2 parent booklets and a resource package for health professionals
1990 Sands Victoria “You Baby Has a Problem” Publication launched
  Sands NSW Was provided with office space and a central phone number for enquiries
  Sands WA 3rd Sands National Conference held in Perth WA
  Sands ACT Formed after the demise of SMANDA
  Sands Tas Sands Tasmania Incorporated
  Sands QLD “Saying Goodbye Before You’ve Said Hello” published
1989 Sands NSW

Parent Support Training commenced
‘Contact’ newsletter was produced
A Policy Statement of the NSW Ministerial Review of Obstetric Services was submitted and recommended as a ‘valuable guideline.’

1988 Sands Australia Formed following the National Conference
  Sands Victoria

The founding co-ordinators for Sands National Council
“When Can We Try Again” publication launched

  Sands SA ‘My Empty Arms’ publication launched
  Sands NSW

The organisation became incorporated
The 2nd Sands National Conference was held in Sydney

  Sands Tas Funding is received by Hooper & Burgess Funerals and Hobart Lions Club to print ‘Your Baby’s Funeral’
1987 Sands Victoria

Hosted the first SANDS National Conference
“Sands Poster” Launched

1986 Sands Victoria “Your Baby Has Died”, “SANDS Hospital Policy” and “Guidelines for Care of Parents” publication launched
  Sands NSW Sands NSW was formalised
  Sands QLD

A Group was incorporated
The Qld Registrations of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act Amendment Bill was passed recognising Stillbirth

1985 Sands NSW Groups were active in Wollongong, St Leonards and French’s Forest
  Sands Tas First Parent Support Training was held
  Sands Victoria Changes to legislation for the registration of stillborn babies
1983 Sands Victoria

Sands Victoria was formed at a public meeting sponsored by SIDRF and Royal Women’s Hospital
“About Sands” publication launched
First Parent Support Training was held

  Sands SA The organisation became incorporated
  Sands Tas

Groups in the Northwest and South were formed

  Sands QLD

Support meetings commenced
First newsletter published
“From Us to You When Your Baby Dies” published

1982 Sands SA

Advisory Council for  commenced
Commencement of Parent Support Training in SA
First SA newsletter produced

1981 Sands SA

Registered as a ‘Support Group’ and provided a 24hr ‘telephone listening service’ and monthly support meetings

1979 Sands WA

Sands WA commenced following a meeting of bereaved parents who came together to support each other following a pregnancy loss.