Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision:

Sands is the voice for bereaved parents and their families across Australia, promoting healthy grieving and bringing understanding and hope when a baby dies.

Our Mission:

Sands is a community of bereaved parents providing support, information and education to other bereaved parents and their families across Australia that have experienced pregnancy loss or a newborn death. Sands also works in partnership with healthcare professionals to improve the quality of care and support for bereaved parents.

Our Values:

Community. We create a safe environment for parents to grieve. We are bereaved parents, providing mutual support among ourselves and to those who are joining our unique community. No bereaved parent in Australia needs to feel they are alone.

Empathy. We understand. We recognise and respect that the grief families feel about the death of their baby is natural, is life-long, but changes over time. This is a deep and real loss and it is legitimate to mourn.

Hope-focused. Despite grief and loss that can be overwhelming and life-altering in its pain and difficulty, we always maintain hope for the future.

Credibility. Health professionals can be confident in recommending us as their first choice for bereavement support and services, as they understand how Sands services contribute to high quality care for bereaved parents.

Diversity. We value the diversity of our community with regard to culture, religion, class, gender, sexuality and the uniqueness of each parent’s grief.