New website provides greater access to services for bereaved parents.

Sands Australia has welcomed the launch of the Federal Government’s Digital Mental Health Gateway – Head to Health – as a breakthrough in access to mental health support services.

The Hon. Greg Hunt MP has launched the new Head to Health website which will help people take control of their mental health in a way they are most comfortable with and can complement face-to-face services. Evidence shows that for many people, digital interventions can be as effective as face-to-face services. Head to Health provides a one-stop shop for services and resources delivered by some of Australia’s most trusted mental health service providers.

Sands is a not-for-profit organisation that provides emotional support, information and hope to parents and families who experience the death of a baby. All Sands Volunteer Parent Supporters understand the heartbreak and devastation that follows the death of a baby, as they too have experienced it.

Sands Australia CEO Andre Carvalho states “the online platform will provide greater awareness around the services we provide as well as other available mental health services available across the health sector.

We are pleased Sands Australia was able to be a part of this important initiative for all Australians, helping them source the right information which can be easily accessed online or on a mobile phone. said Mr Carvalho.

We find many of the people who access our services find taking the first step can be daunting and challenging. The benefits of the online platform, allowing people to access evidenced based help and support services 24/7 will help to reduce the anxiety of the initial conversation.

Head to Health lists both peer-to-peer support services alongside professional support services. For Sands Australia we welcome the gateway, as another way to ensure that bereaved parents can access correct information, and appropriate referrals in a manner they are comfortable with. Greater promotion of services across the mental health sector will benefit all Australians as they seek support in their time of need.

Anyone affected by the death of a baby can ring the 24/7 Sands support line 1300 0 72637 and talk to a Volunteer Parent Supporter or visit