Sands Australia Welcomes Funding Boost

Sands Australia welcomes the recent decision by the Australian Government to increase the charity’s funding by a further $640,000 over the next two years.

The much needed increase will allow Sands to further expand our reach and support services to a greater number of bereaved families across Australia whilst also allowing the charity to develop a new programme of activities to improve the care and support families receive by healthcare professionals, funeral home directors and employers.

Sands is a not-for-profit organisation that provides emotional support, information and hope to parents and families who experience the death of a baby. All Sands Volunteer Parent Supporters understand the heartbreak and devastation that follows the death of a baby, as they too have experienced it.

Sands Australia CEO Andre Carvalho said that the $1.46 million to be provided over the next two years – up from $822,000 – would go a long way to supporting Sands vision of an Australia where no bereaved family is left feeling alone and isolated following the death of a baby.

"Despite the many advances in technology, research and medicine in the last decade, the rates of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and newborn deaths has not changed. Sadly, approximately 96,000 Australian families experience the death of a baby each year.” Mr Carvalho said.

"Since first receiving funding from the Australian Government in July 2011, Sands has made great strides in supporting bereaved parents. We launched our National 24/7 Support Line and our live web chat support services, distributed key resources and delivered thousands of information sessions to midwives and healthcare professionals across Australia."

"Under the increased funding, Sands Australia will now be able to reach more parents, distribute more brochures and resources to where they are needed and train healthcare professionals, funeral home directors and employers on how to provide high quality care and support to bereaved families." Concludes Mr Carvalho.

Sands would like to thank the Australian Government for recognising the need for bereaved families to have access to support and information. Whilst this funding boost is welcomed, Sands will continue to work hard to develop philanthropic relationships with individuals and corporate organisations to ensure we can continue to grow and meet our vision of supporting all families that experience the death of a baby.