How we offer support 

We are so sorry that your baby has died. At Sands, our volunteers offer a real sense of understanding and hope as they too have been through the devastating loss of a baby in the past.

We know that everyone grieves differently and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Each person needs different types of support and this can change over time.  Some people may be happy to talk, others might take comfort from quietly reading about others experiences, while some may prefer to meet face to face and share their experience or send an email.

Whether your baby has died as a result of a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, medical termination, stillbirth or newborn death, we are here for you via the services below:


Sands National Support Line: 1300 0 72637

“I didn't know why I dialled the number, I don't normally like to talk about it... when they answered, I didn't know what  to say, but finding this gentle voice who allowed me to take my time and really listened to me was exactly what I needed. I really felt they understood.”

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Men's Support line

Sands offers phone support from specially trained male volunteer parent supporters as we recognise that at times men and women cope with grief in different ways. 

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Online Support

Sands Australia operates an online, individual chat service to provide support. This is operated by our trained parent supporters.

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Local Group Support

Bereaved parents who have experienced reproductive loss can share stories, thoughts and feelings with others who have had a similar experience. Mums, dads and family members are all welcome.

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emailEmail Support

We know it is not always easy to talk and that some people prefer to contact us by email. Your emails will be answered with warmth, and in confidence.

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