Charlee's Basket

Charlee's Basket

Charlee's Basket Bereavement Support Hampers

On the 16th of December 2015, I had one of the most traumatic experiences imaginable to a mother – my second child was stillborn. My pregnancy was healthy with no complications, however at 37 weeks (classed as a full-term pregnancy) my baby’s heart stopped beating. After I had birthed the daughter we had already named Charlee, it was clear what had caused her death. There was a knot in the umbilical cord. Charlee stopped receiving oxygen. It was an unforeseen and unavoidable tragedy.

A few months after my daughter’s death, to help me overcome my grief, I created Charlee's Basket – a not-for-profit organisation providing care hampers to families experiencing the trauma of stillbirth or the death of a baby in the first few days after birth.

Beautifully presented, these complimentary gift baskets are filled with all the essentials for the parents during their hospital stay, plus some non-essentials and keepsakes for mum and/or dad to take home. Gifts are also available for siblings, to provide comfort and help them understand. Many of our gifts and essentials are donated by caring companies and organisations, and as such each hamper is unique and our baskets are always evolving.

Providing Charlee’s Basket to families may be a small act, but we believe it is a valuable offering of acknowledgment and an act of compassion to those grieving. Even such a modest gift helps reassure families that they are not alone during this tragic time.

Shaye Woodhouse
Still-mother and Charlee’s Basket Founder and Director

I am very excited to announce that Sands Australia and Charlee’s Basket will be merging.

I will be regularly posting all about what this means for bereaved care and how this will help reach more families experiencing the death of a baby. Continuing to help support these families while raising awareness for Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death here in Australia collectively this is incredibly important to both Sands Australia and Charlee’s Basket.

After many months conversing about our organisations uniting, this merger will bring so much more support to families facing tragic circumstances bringing positive changes for everyone who will sadly receive this type of care. It will certainly make both organisations stronger being able to offer the best support possible.

Both Sands Australia and Charlee’s Basket have been working tirelessly to better support families experiencing the heartache of Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal deaths. It is our hope that the union of these two great forces together will mean greater things and an optimistic future for all bereaved parents saying goodbye to a baby far too soon.

I hope that you are as excited as we are about the merger. I am defiantly looking forward to the numerous benefits that we can achieve to help the families we aspire to support.

Do you have questions? Pop over to one of Charlee’s Baskets social media platforms to have a chat with me.

Shaye Woodhouse
Still-mother and Charlee’s Basket Founder and Director -

Care Package Manager at Sands Australia